Press release Wind-X MK, Lock-X, Grip-X

WIND-X MK, Lock-x & Grip-X

Finally a good solution for straps and belts

System Wind-X MK with accessories Grip-X and Lock-X solves easily and quickly the classic problems of cargo lashing strap lying in a limp high, loosened hooks in cargo lashing, etc.

Using Wind-X MK and a regular battery drill rolled cargo lashing strap easily and quickly, for example. a 9.5 m band takes with Wind-X MK less than 15 seconds, compared with manual roll-up that takes over a minute. Then lock the reel easily together using lock-X, a Velcro strap that holds it färdigupprullade tape so that it can be hung, stacked, stand it on end, thrown, etc..

Grip-X which consists of a flexible plastic tongue keeps lashing strap hook to the platform / cargo lashing point, thus eliminating the classic problem where the hook loosens and you have to go around and start lashing work.

System Wind-X is the Swedish-made products made of advanced plastics and composite materials for professional applications requiring long life and high durability.

These X-innovation products are patented or patent pending.

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