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– Only 110 SEK –

Wind-X MK Starter kit

This kit includes one WIND-X MK, one GRIP-X and one LOCK-X 50.

WIND-X MK with a rolled strap


Comfortable and 10 times faster…

  • Used to load tape, lifting straps and bands etc.
  • Connects easily to a drill / drivers.
  • The design makes crushing injuries impossible.
  • Designed with personal security and safety in mind.

Ergonomic analysis and benefits of X-innovation products confirmed by physiotherapist Anders Silvermark:
– Winding straps quickly with a machine reduces the stress on shoulders and wrists compared to wind straps by hand.


GRIP-X makes the lashing of cargo easy and simple.

  • To be used as a holder of the lashing hook at any kind of cargo lashing.
  • Solves the problem with loose hook at cargo lashing operation.
  • Fits all kind of cargo lashings and hooks.
  • Indispensable accessory to the Wind-X Small.
GRIP-X för surrning av last


LOCK-X simplifies the handling of cargo lashing straps.

  • Easy to tighten and lock the tie-down strap with Lock-X.
  • The band is a solid package that can be hung, stacked, set on edge, etc.
  • Easy to pack in the tool box or stowage space.
  • The band is quickly ready to use again.
  • Does not prevent lashing strap feature.

Until our webshop is ready you can order by sending us an e-mail:

Price: 110 SEK per kit.

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