CARRY-X™ simplifies heavy lifting

Bär rem för tunga lyft
Bärrem som förenklar tunga lyft

Carrying strap that simplifies heavy lifting and distributes weight to shaft instead of hand and arm.

  • Gives freer hands on heavy lifting.
  • Load shaft instead of arm and hand.
  • For even load, two carrying straps can be used.
  • Works very well with HANDLE-X.
  • Design with regard to personal safety and work environment.

Ergonomic analysis of the benefits of the following aids made by Leg. Physiotherapist / ergonomist Anders Silvermark:
– Reduces the risk of injury due to congestion in the wrist. Ex. carpal tunnel syndrome, sensory disorder. Improves the possibility of gentle lifting. Improves for neck, shoulders and shoulders when carrying heavy objects. The advantage is that weight is distributed to the shoulder portion.

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