the innovation wind-x

Simplifies rolling of straps and fire hoses

upprullare wind-x

Winder WIND-X is an innovation that enables the rolling of tape and hoses efficiently and fast. At the same time, the need for bending over and lifting awkwardly is eliminated so the process is easier on the body. It takes just 9 seconds to roll up a strap with a length of 9.5 meters. A fire hose takes just 10 seconds in forest terrain and even less time on a flat surface.

The one thing WIND-X models have in common is that they are portable and the short time it takes for your investment to pay off.

WIND-X med Hitachi skruvdragare


Comfortable and 10 times faster…

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WIND-X MK för spännband / lastband
WIND-X Large upprullare för brandslang

WIND-X® Large – portable fire hose roller

The world’s fastest fire hose roller

Rolls a 20 meter fire hose in 10 seconds without effort.

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WIND-X® Medium

Comfortable and 10 times faster. Used to load tape, lifting straps and bands etc.

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Upprullare för lastband WIND-X Medium
WIND-X Small för spännband / lastband

WIND-X® Small

WIND-X® Small for retracting straps and belts. Used to load tape, lifting straps and bands etc. up to 50mm.

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